Waste Not, Want Not

I am feeling pretty poorly this week, as I am getting over a skin allergy only to find that it was masking ‘flu.  So I’m making things easy on myself by posting tips on what to use scraps for.  If you think of any, comment  or message me on facebook, and I’ll include it.

Photo paper

I often print my own decoupage images, which saves money but leaves lots of little scraps.  These are great for stamping or embossing on to make your own funky toppers.  Photo paper is not only good for this because it has a higher gsm than standard paper, but the glossy surface also dries quickly and looks that bit nicer.


  • Very short lengths of yarn can be kept as stuffing, especially if you unstrand them
  • Unstrand any yarn with at least 50% wool content to make felting fibre
  • Approx 3 inches of yarn makes a good stitch marker; just tie it onto your needle, then make a securing knot.
  • You can also make scrap yarn by tying together lengths of yarn roughly 6 inches or more longer.  Make sure that the knot is tight, or it could come apart while being used.  You can lay your yarn out in groups, or grab it from the pile for more individuality.  Whichever way you go, you won’t make two balls the same.  This yarn is best used for scarves, especially if using varying thicknesses together.

O rings

I was trying to stretch my ear, so kept a couple of o rings in my pocket jic.  When I came to pick up my hat project again, I sighed as the split marker had fallen off again. No problem, I slipped an o ring on the start of round and was away.


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