Storm at Sea Hat


This week, I offer you a crochet pattern that I adapted to suit my means.  I now have 3 hats based on the Big Easy Red Bag pattern: first, I didn’t take any heed of the gauge and just worked tightly and stopped at the end of the straight section to make a big beanie I could leave very slouchy or brim for a tighter fit according to how warm I wanted to be; I then used the first hat as a template and did about 20 straight rows and added some flower appliqués I made to make something small and sweet for my mum.  But it was all leading up to this proper pattern, a man-sized ear-covering hat with a slight brim.  This pattern is written using UK terminology.

Storm at Sea

Yarn: Approx. 100g heavy dk weight wool/cotton blend with nylon binder.  I used Texere Storm.
Hook: 5mm/H, preferably birch

Other supplies: Large-eyed needle, stitch marker

Tension: 4 double crochet per inch

  1. Chain 5, slip stitch to first loop to make a circle.  Work 6 dc through the hole in the centre.
  2. Work 2 dc in each outer loop.  The pattern is worked in continuous rounds, so you might want to put a stitch marker on the start of each round.
  3. Work 2 dc in first loop, then 1 in the next. Repeat around.
  4. Repeat step 3 for several rounds, adding 1 single stitch to each repeat until you reach 14.
  5. When you’ve completed the round that repeats the sequence of 2 dc in 1 stitch then 1 dc in the next 14, work 1 dc in each stitch for every round until the piece measures 20cm from start.
  6. Work 1 round of half-treble crochet, then 1 round of treble.
  7. Join with slip stitch, expand loop to pull yarn ball/cone through, tighten loop and snip yarn, leaving a tail.
  8. Weave in all ends with the needle, and then snip close to the piece.
  9. Admire lovely warm hat.  Take photo and share with me.

Many thanks to Bernadette Faulker for modeling here. I wanted to get a pic of her wearing this hat, as it was her encouraging me to make them for Apostleship of the Sea that made this pattern possible.


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