Mock Rib Stitch


This is my least favourite of all the ones so far in my Art of Knitting throw, as a slight misreading of the pattern throws the whole thing out.  But the good thing is that, after many failed attempts, I’m better equipped to tell you how to get this pattern right.

How it’s used If you want the decorative effect of 1×1 ribbing, but need a more rigid fabric.

Casting on Any odd number higher than 3.  Check that your gauge is correct for the yarn used, you may need larger needles than usual to avoid crowding.

Method Cast on a little loosely with your favourite method.

Right side: Knit 1, then purl 1, knit 1 across.

Wrong side: Purl 1, slip 1 with yarn in back to last stitch purl 1.

Cast off using the right side pattern.

Gently block the work every few rows by gently stretching it out until the fabric resists.


The stitches are all bunched together Your gauge is too tight for the pattern.  Mine said to use 4.5mm needles, but I got this problem so went up a size.  If changing needle size gives you the wrong gauge for your project, this amazing calculator may be able to help. 

There’s unsightly strands of yarn at the front of my work I panicked when I saw this happening, thinking that I’d made a mistake.  This is how the pattern should look, so don’t worry.  It will look less ugly when blocked, mine sure did.

This is taking forever If you don’t block your work as you go, your stitches will be too close together and the work will drag on and on.  If you are blocking as you go, it’s just slow because you’re learning something new.


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