Crochet Ribbing


I am currently working on my first pair of socks, and it didn’t occur to me until then that the ugly ridges that appear when crocheting in rows can be put to good use.

How it’s used Provides a flexible yet decorative sock or jumper cuffs.  The work is turned vertically before joining, and the stitches that start the main body of the piece are typically worked into the row ends.

Casting on Any odd number, depending on the stitch that you want to work in, this piece uses 31 stitches and double crochet in 3-ply to make a cuff that covers the ankle and  lower calf.

Method Using a crochet hook 1 size smaller than you typically would for your yarn, chain, then insert hook into usual chain from hook (depending on what stitch you’re working).  Work first row as usual, pattern starts and ends with wrong side row.
Wrong side: Work all stitches in front loop

Right side: Work all stitches in back loop

Work until piece is as long as you want it wide, fasten off, turn so that rows run from top to bottom.


It’s curling This is usual when working tighter than standard gauge, and will not be noticeable when worn


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