I’m making my bezzy some slipper socks ATM, and I have just got to the point where SSK, my least favourite stitch has appeared. I had never managed to do this stitch before and didn’t hold out much hope this time considering I’m befuddled enough that I couldn’t work out that I kept getting some edging wrong because I was using the wrong stitch, but I stuck it out this time, so I can now tell you what this stitch is and how to overcome its evilness.

How it’s used This decrease stitch is most commonly found in lace knitting, but can be used for less of a bump in any garment.

Method SSK stands for slip slip knit (though I like to think it means swear slash kill when I’m really wrestling with it), and is formed by slipping two stitches to the right needle and knitting through the back loop. Sounds easy, right? WRONG! I knew as soon as I attempted it why we don’t usually knit from the right needle, because it’s bloody hard and you will probably need a few tries before you can do it successfully and it will be especially difficult with loose tension.

the stitches keep sliding back to the left This was my major problem. Slip the stitches purlwise and at the same time and wrap as tightly as possible (from the left) and it should become less of a chore.

Reading back over this cos I forgot how to do the stitch, I was stumped. If you’re still scratching your head, Lion Brand’s always wonderfully clear instructions may help clear but not condescending, turns grr into SSK.


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