Getting in a Lather

All the skincare experts agree that the best way to wash your face is with face wipes; but these are wasteful and can be expensive, especially if you have sensitive skin. I switched to Simple ones because I couldn’t find any others that didn’t feel like layers of my skin had been burned away (I wish I was exaggerating), and while my skin loved them my pocket didn’t. So I paid the £ shop a visit looking for an alternative, and found that the same brand of soap does just as good a job. Nearly £4 of face wipes lasts 25 times, while a 125g block of the soap lasts more than double (it’s hard to say exactly, as I sometimes used a little more at a time or used it more than once in a day).

There was a couple of niggles, of course. Soap isn’t as nice once the wrapper dissolves from the the wet and the product dries out, and the only flannel I have is used with carbolic soap which never comes out of it completely. So I googled ‘crochet soap sack’, and found this brilliantly simple one. I’ve now tried it with premium acrylic dk and cotton worsted, and it works about the same with both. I estimate that it takes a maximum of 10g of yarn, though I didn’t think to weigh it before putting the soap in. If you don’t need to hang your soap up, a drawstring of 34 is better.

Here’s the soap saver in its natural habitat; I did not choose the decor. The sorta burgundy one on top is the first I made, using an oddment of acrylic. I use it all the time, and it’s fab. There’s also one for my mum’s hair soap and one for my carbolic soap, using mystery cotton.


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