Turbulent Tuesday

Well, this is a funny “some time over the weekend” I know, but I got there in the end. When I can bear to show it, there will be a pic of me in the tam that should’ve been a togue. For now, here’s what I’ve been up to:

On My Needles

Almost Woven-in Belt

I completed this Quidditch project with less than 4 hours before the final whistle, and nabbed 50 points. Making it for a purpose gave me a boot up the bum. I’m not sure how to show projects from Ravelry, but you can find it there as Almost-Woven Belt. I cast off, but will not be snipping the yarn until I know that she can receive it, as it was made specifically for her.

In Hot Water

My first from-scratch design. My friend needed a warm hot water bottle cover that won’t fall off as it grows. I looked at many designs and asked many people, and it turns out that the so-called standard 2Litre is not one standard size. So I’m making a snug design with plenty of positive ease, which will build to gentle shoulder shaping, and close with a drawstring. This was started Wednesday, and I have markers at 10 and 20cm of the 25 before shaping. All details will be revealed as they emerge. Again, this project can be found on Ravelry under the title name.

On My Mind
Last Wednesday was the first time in nearly a month that I’d been anywhere with anyone other than my family, and I expanded on that Sunday when a group of us went to Camden Lock Market.
I also kept myself busy Friday and Saturday writing a personal newsletter to my group.
I started my activities back yesterday after an absence due to poor health. I had been loading myself up too much for my current level of ability, so kept feeling quite fatigued. Add onto that the amount of caffeine I was having, there were hidden amounts in my eye roller, and it was not a good mix. I’ve now trimmed down to two crafty days in town, with the option to spend a day with my friend if we both feel well, and a greater ability to save up time and energy for going on trips further afield.


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