Team Hellmouth for the win!!!

Hiya guys and dolls (love that musical), I’ve been having such fun with the tiny owl knittens (actual group name TinyOwlKnits) over on Ravelry lately, that I really had to join in the Nerd Wars that one of the members was so excited about (cute critters of war are so unviolent). I’ve also been playing around with photo editing lately, which started out when I was told that this image
20130512-100705.jpg looks like a “sad duckling”. I pondered that one, and wondered if I could find some editing software to reflect that. This is what I came up with

Who wants a bowl of Loki Charms? There’s a spoon at the bottom (couldn’t find a way to add that pic mid-post), if you’d like to dig in!
Once I’d done that, I was able to find a way to tinker so that I can nod at the need to support Team Hellmouth. This is what I came up


20130512-101055.jpg I have done no editing on my iPad 2 (best. Christmas present. ever!!!) outside of what’s already in the Photos app, but I’m having no problems with InstaEditor that practise won’t help with.

This is the original image

20130512-101823.jpg That’s the Angel of the Buffyverse, see. If we weren’t Nerds, it wouldn’t be a War.


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