This isn’t *all* my shopping!!!

I was very happy to be able to use my new bus pass for the first time today 😀 It helped in several ways, which I will slowly unravel for you!

1) I didn’t need to carry change, just ask how to use the card for the first time.

This left me freer to think about other things, which in turn meant that I was better able to think (my previous doctor believed that I have Hypopituiarism, though I’m really not sure about that).

2) The pass was FREE, which meant that I had £4 to spare.

My lower arms alone were cold at first today, so I popped to the £ shop (its unfortunate name is PoundTown. Do not look that up!) to see if they had any of the Tattoo Sleeves that I’d seen in there previously. While I was looking for those, I found a cute carpet-sweeper, 3 DVDs, and a Winnie-the-Pooh tin.
The ladybird carpet sweeper looks so cute here in my room

so I definitely “own” that one (I’m a “people person”), but I picked everything else up with the vague knowledge that they will go to someone. Having those extra coins made me feel less wasteful about doing so.
I picked the tin up win my friend Maggie in mind, as she wanted one with a slot in the lid to use as a money-box. It currently looks

20130513-192912.jpg as I haven’t yet worked out how to do that. If you know a good way of doing that, or would really like the tin just as is, post a reply. The DVDs are 10 Items or Less, which has gone to Maggie because she liked that one when I showed her my shopping, Ramen Girl, which made me think of my friend Vera’s love of anime, and the story of George Best for a reason I’m frankly too tired to remember.

3) It’s a “plus companion” pass, which means that only one has to go on the card-reader for two people to travel.

Today, that meant that I was able to leave Keepsake Cards group with my friend Janet when we both were ready, have a good chat along the way, get off the bus at the same time, and just generally have a nicer time because there was less uncertainty (I have Asperger’s). I was already feeling poorly from a “tummy bug”, so that shared experience made things less tiring.

When I got home and relaxed a bit, I found that Vera had been helping with my photo editing. I turned

20130513-194211.jpg (Photos app)

20130513-194259.jpg (InstaEditor), and I really wish I knew which cool app she has on her smartphone that turned it into

20130513-194431.jpg. I “ear burned” her over on Ravelry because I wondered when I snapped the initial photo of my latest cross-stitch how to add fireworks and such like she does to hers. Neither of my two apps has that option, and she was very sweet to help there!

In case you were wondering about the title, I got a very strange look (and a small laugh) from the cashier when he saw such a mix of items in my basket. I agreed that it is indeed weird, and explained that it isn’t all for me, and then briefly explained about the tin.


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