So Tired zzz

Just a quick post to prove that I’m still able! Don’t worry, I have not been tied up in a secret dungeon somewhere, I’ve just been really tired. I will try to say something here each day, but zzzz… There I go again!
Some, if not all, of my health complaints stem from being starved of oxygen at birth. No, that wasn’t some attempt to kill me early on or anything, I simply emerged into the world with my own umbilical cord around my throat.
I also do not hold any of the medical team at the since bulldozed Minster Hospital, as I remind myself on bad days that I would not be here at all if they had not been so quick to help me. If you know anyone who worked in the Maternity Ward in October ’82 and may have helped to deliver a baby named Claire, please pass this hug


20130515-195607.jpg on to them! Hmm, there appears to be TWO hugs there. Who wants the other one?
Signing off now, as no one wants me falling asleep mid-post.
zzz Claire


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