If it’s yellow, it’s a schoolbus!!!


Okay, I admit it, I was so tired on my way home today that I tried to flag down a schoolbus. Luckily, a passing stranger was helpful enough to pause and point out why it didn’t stop for me. I ended up taking a whole lot of breaks as I walked a pitiful distance, and riding the next bus that came along for just one stop.
I try to leave every other Thursday free for spending time with my friend Maggie, and today was one of those days. I rode the bus into town as usual, and we met in her favourite cafe before doing a bit of shopping and having lunch.
The only way that I can possibly keep track of what items I need, without getting panicky, is to write myself a list. Having many quirks, any list of mine is bound to be unusual.

That’s page 1 of three. The items still on it are:

Golden beige 100% cotton 4-ply (pref Patons I’m talkin yarn, and it’s that specific so that I can make an earring to match my Rampant Stag necklace (as made in a previous post)
Clear mascara/brow gel I favour the natural look, but do like to be able to do that quickly.
Refill for my notebook It’s a lovely notebook that my mum cross-stitched in the aperture of, so don’t wanna lose it. I don’t even know if refills exist or what size, though.
Tea towel to keep in Creative Hands storage cupboard, as there’s never one around when we need it. There’s usually some high-quality thick ones in the £ shop, and it amuses me that they look like bank notes. “I’ll just dry the cups on this huuuge £20 note!!”

This photo may look a bit cut off to you, sorry about that! It’s currently 2:35 in the morning though, and it might wake others if I take another.
Strappy vest tops I like to layer my clothing so that I’m never too cold or too hot, and I need some more pretty, printed cotton tops as a “base layer” there as of, well, a few days ago.
Tinned Alternative to sandwiches My original idea here was to get a few French Bistro tins that I have previously got from the local branch of Holland & Barrett, and store them in the cupboard as needed. But those are no longer being stocked there, and I’m finding it so hard to find a replacement item that it’s now been 2 weeks. I don’t know the name of the shop where I was thinking of looking for those items yet, so I just think of it as a “Polish shop” because the island where I live is getting an increasing number of workers from that country (I now feel the need to point out that I am perfectly ok with that, as I may come across as moaning otherwise), and there were a fair few items from the more eastern part of Europe when I peeped into said shop previously (I was very tired THEN, too, no surprises there).

After such supreme long-windedness, you may be relieved to know that there’s nothing more on my list. Dare I show you what I bought and made while in town yesterday?

Two cards that I made at Community Church Craft Club, also known as “4Cs”. There is another, but I literally only covered over the text of a previously used card that someone else made there. Since I don’t know who might see this, I didn’t want anyone to see a picture of that one and gasp because X didn’t have room to keep their card.

I visited Poppycraft yesterday, for the first time since it moved from Stonnes Nursery. By the way, feel free to look up via your favourite search engine any information that I don’t give you enough info on at any time. I just wanted to make that clear, and you can always ask me too.
Anyway, I had met Denise who runs the place once when she had the cabin at Stonnes, and found her so enthusiastic and friendly about what she does that my only real reason for not rushing straight round to the shop when I heard that she’d set up in Victoria Street is that I don’t know that part of town that well (Asperger’s strikes again).
*sigh* I apologise for being so long-winded, that’s how I am when I get going sometimes. All I meant to say was that I got glittery watercolour paint for trying in Art Deco class so that I hog the black glitter less, and some lovely soft hemp cord that I will have fun working out how to braid together to blend with and compliment the colours of the drawstring bag I’m making. Many thanks to Denise and the lady with dark hair whose name I didn’t catch for all their help there. You were both so lovely that you’ll have trouble keeping me away from your business.

I’ve certainly forgotten what the last photo looked like by now, so there it is again if you had too. Father’s Day will be on the 16th of June here this year, and I picked up a couple of items that should suit my dad’s sense of humour for then. If you’re now thinking “hmmm, I rather like those, I can’t wait to get them!”, then please stop reading my blog now, Dad.
I don’t know whether fathers in general are difficult to buy for, but I know that many are given socks as an “easy” present idea. I certainly find it hard to buy anything for MY father, so I plumped for two items with names that use wordplay, as he definitely likes to play with his words. The pinkish item with “Mr Clean” on it is shower gel, and the one with *peers at the tin* DAD written sideways on the photo says “you’re mint” on it. That works on two levels: it is actually a tin of mints, and “mint” is also another way of saying that something’s awesome. I learnt that use of the word when someone didn’t understand why I was confused at their using it. As in “why are you mentioning a herb?” I didn’t think I was THAT old. Heck, I still try to catch the schoolbus!


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