I’m not drunk, officer, I only had two tablespoons of glaze!!!

Yesterday, I managed to go and visit Sittingbourne

20130518-074256.jpg on market day. I had fun round the market, but the thing that I got most excited about was going into WH Smith and, get this, buying envelopes!!
Yeah, I can live without an address book (which is the other item that I bought there), but I can’t send off a parcel of love to a sweet friend until I have the right size envelope. When someone has been very sweet to me and I then see something that I NEED to give to them, it frankly makes me angsty when I can’t (people person with Aperger’s is not the best mix).
Anyway, this is intended to be just a quick message to cover my absence yesterday. The fact that it is already growing out of hand shows that I needed to vent a little, hope that’s ok with you. I always welcome suggestions for edits, just so ya know.
I’m getting more relaxed now that I’ve started writing myself shopping reference guides and updating them as necessary. I have to remind myself almost constantly to know what I want enough to go with the flow more.
I didn’t realise quite how severely Asperger’s can affect those outside it until I watched a bit of The Politician’s Husband. The son, who has the condition, majorly freaked out when his father had to take a detour on the way to school because of roadworks. There were other things in there too, and it made me recall some of my own related behaviour. I didn’t have a cool tent to hide in, for direct example, when my grandfather died, but I did spend far too long in my Wendyhouse. All things in life can be a mirror, and it’s time to make changes when we don’t like that reflection. *Assumes Yoda-like voice* Very wise, these 30 year olds be *giggle*
Anyways, the awesome power of the list works!!! If you want to write your own more, just take any notebook that you have and particularly like and write down what you need as you go along. Be sure to take it with you as necessary, be it to tick off that you’ve done the hoovering (I needed that on the list yesterday, had to be reminded) or that the phrase “my hovercraft is full of eels” (Monty Python) is indeed funny.
This is my special notebook

20130518-081521.jpg, which my mum cross-stitched for me a while back. I will eventually need to find a refill for it, which I’m dreading due to having no flipping idea what pages it’ll take.
I do not discriminate against those who like to store notes and set reminders or their phone or other electronic device, either, that’s what I did before my last smartphone went to a watery grave. That one was an old-model Samsung Ace, and I found it incredibly restrictive at first to downgrade to a Nokia 100. My phone is now small, chunky, and has very little memory, just like me. But hey, it has a torch!! No jokes about it being cheap or readily available, please, I wouldn’t want to have to “accidentally” hit you with my handbag.

To wrap up, the title is what I imagined I would’ve had to say if someone saw me staggering down the High Street and called the police because they assumed that I was drunk. *sigh* I thought I was managing so well yesterday, then it all went downhill upon stopping for lunch. I was tired and couldn’t see very well in Wetherspoons, so really had to check my temper when told that I was whining, I ordered a Becks Blue with my Tennessee chicken burger but forgot that the glaze is both sweet and alcoholic (I have a poorly liver and preliminary diabetes, so I basically got myself “lightly toasted” by having a few dips of honey and whiskey. It’s frankly so ridiculous that I forgot about it briefly, as my head would explode if I looked at all potential health risks at the same time).
Anyways, I survived to bitch at you another day. I am going to a papercrafts show at Biggin Hill again on Sunday. I don’t think you didn’t miss a post about the previous one, it was before I really started blogging (I will check the archives later, Hypopituiarism makes my memory that leaky). Having previously planned out with head of household that I could stay in today, I should have plenty of time for rest, relaxation, and Ravelry before then.

Hope the word “should” doesn’t come back to haunt me!!! If you’re on Ravelry and want to say hi or see what I’m doin, my name is also Craftyclairy there. I haven’t yet worked out how to code one of those cool “find me on Ravelry” buttons. All in good time, I’m not even sure if there is such a possibility within the app.
Shutting the frig up now,


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