To Biggin, with Love


My friend who runs a statement cards group I’m in hired a minibus to take a few of us crafty ladies to the Sincerely Yours papercrafts show at Biggin Hill (past Sevenoaks, then follow signs to the airport) yesterday. I have literally been to two proper craft shows before, this one and the Knit and Stitch show at Alexandra Palace. I find the organisation better here, and I candidly told the nice lady who gave me cashback so.
The above photo is not me, by the way, it’s the lovely lady from the Stamping Up stand, whose answer to whether I could take photos was “course you can”. That’s not the automatic reaction, see, there’s even signs on at least on stand saying not to take photos without express permission.
In my chaotic and tired manner, here come more photos of those ladies at wor


“I’m not shy, I just really have to make this box.” I like the serendipitous kind of photography, it’s just so much more natural. I can’t currently remember if there’s a better term for taking pre-approved photos of someone when they’re least expecting it, so please write in with your answers.

I’d love to make the Cookie Monster box and some chocolate chip wonders, and give it as a gift. Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional. Heck, I’m still short enough (5 foot 3 and a nibble) that I could easily fit in Bilbo Baggins house. And why not? He has dwarves, and wizards, and crocheted doilies in there!


More awesome boxes and statement cards of those, um, what’s a synonym of “awesome”? *pays a visit* amazing Stamping Up crafters. She also did not care that I wouldn’t be making a purchase due to having run out of money by the way, which I always find sweet.
I don’t really have photos of my shopping, as it frankly bores me to take pics of metal awls, but you can bet your life that there was some. But first, help yourself to a cake and some hot chocolate.

Which one did you choose? I already ate both the chocolate and carrot cupcakes for tea because, um, they went upside down and no longer looked perfect. I am a perfectionist, but it’s still a flimsy excuse. She was standing in between the two rooms eating all the samples (I don’t think she had time for lunch, bless her!), and the smell alone kept making my mouth water. In the end, I had to go get cashback for some (just ask on the main desk) because I was down to my emergency £10 (I always keep that on me just in case). Here is a photo of the guilty party, looking away as I stopped by the stand again


I managed not to buy anything that time, though was very tempted as I hadn’t seen that there was gingerbread men before. If I didn’t have an iron will, I would have bought more at the end of the day cos the price dropped a little. I could barely fit it all in my big jute bag (I like to put everything in one bag so I can get in and out of the minibus by swinging on the pole by the door monkey-style) as it was!
Quick maths question: if I start with (roughly) £52, get £30 cashback, and have £24 remaining, what did I have? A heck of a day out!!! I actually had to put everything down and just have a look when I felt that I’d spent plenty in one go, though I by no means spent more than the other ladies.
This is what I got and why:
metal awl for expanding links and punching holes
Sakura gel pen I needed a pen for better writing out my list, and didn’t realise it was white!!! I also just plain like the smooth flow of a Sakura, so would’ve needed a reason not to get it.
patterned card my friend brought a gift tag with her as a guide for which paper would go well in her printer, I know a bit about paper thank to my dad boring me about it working for a paper company for years. He could pick up a flyer and recite which kind of paper was used, even.
So I got lemon yellow card for her, and purple for a card that I’m planning. Ohh, and silver cos it’s pretty.
printed acetatebecause I had absolutely no acetate whatsoever, and I could see it working lovely in that card. It was also part of the deal with the card.
Union Jack backing paper I’m a proud Brit, and I would’ve been one short of the 12 for £5 deal otherwise. And it’s pretty, heehee!
Star-shaped eyelets I love stars, and found these when I was looking for buttons. I plan to apply them as eyes and stuff for cute crocheted creatures, by stabbing into the completed piece with the awl and sewing to strengthen as necessary.
Flower Fairy card kit I saw the beautiful foiled die cuts, and knew I had to have them for my friend’s card. I’m not that experienced at making cards, so will have fun balancing all the elements to make something that’ll fit the envelope. If I like the end result (I try not to be a massive perfectionist), I may even take a photo. If she likes it, she might also.
cupcakes I needed a pick-me-up, and just looking at them helped (some form of hypopituiarism). They were the most delicious that I’ve EVER had; not so sweet that they set my sensitive teeth on edge, well but not over decorated, smell heavenly, light and moist, not too much icing, travel well, and a great price for all that. Plus I love to see people who have such pride in their work *sniffle* I’m getting weepy again.
Rubber stamps I didn’t see that one coming!! No pun intended there, but the lady running the RNIB stand was so sympathetic to the fact that I had to hold some things ridiculously close to my eyes to see what they were (short-sighted, and faulty tear ducts). This encouraged me to better browse the selection of craft items that she is selling off due to her own failing sight. I can’t recall the last time someone was sympathetic enough to encourage me to open a box and hold the items up to see if I might like them. Never give up on people!!!

When I gave the lemon card to my friend, who was the one bringing us there, she wanted to know where I got it. We ended up getting her some more of the card, and the acetate, and the paper that went well together for her tastes. We also spent so long browsing the rest of that stand that I had to steer her away in the end.

And if I ever repeat myself repeat myself repeat myself, it’s because I’m simply not assuming that you automatically remember/know something about me. Later, I will asterisk the stands I visited on my leaflet, and post a photo of that here.


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