Wake Me Up Inside

I needed all the help I could get just to get my a into g today. I am not a morning person at the best of times, but I started writing this in the am while I still had internet (I only have wifi via my ipad). One reason why I’m not still in bed, clutching the covers is that I received exciting mail yesterday.
I am signed up to receive alerts whenever Garnier have free offers because, despite having had a bad reaction to the amount of caffeine in the eye roller (it metabolised like 5 strong espressos in me, it is not inherently bad), I just love their products. So the Moisture Match range came out when I kept having tight, tired skin, and today I got the freebies from that thru. Tried the Wake Me Up one, and my skin is still happy over 12 hours later. I know what to look for when I need more facial moisturiser 🙂
The other thing that helped to fire up my grey cells was crochet. I’m only just getting used to the fact that, of all the options for my sight problems, I choose the nerdy chic of glasses. Previously, I had thought of it as a stop-gap more, so didn’t spend a lot of time choosing frames and just plain didn’t have accessories for them.
I didn’t buy glasses cord when I had the opportunity on Friday (we actually went into the main branch of my opticians) partly because I was sure that if I tried hard enough, I could easily make one. I tried harder today, and the right side failed. It was cool, though, I made an impromptu headband.

Um, yes, that was my inspiration for taking a broken piece of cotton cord and making a headband. I’m FTM, so will automatically relate to the “girlie man” look. I haven’t seen that episode of Supernatural (LARP and the Real Girl), but love the show enough to have asked a wonderful yarn artist if she can do blending “Sam” and “Dean” colourways if I’m good and manage to destash some.
She went off to watch this episode as, um, research, and came back saying about Dean looking all Robin Hood in LARP gear. So I naturally HAD to google pics of that, and was not disappointed. I’ve only seen up til the end of 6 or start of 7, but will be refreshing my memory at some point.

Lets wrap up. The title is not only a reference to the moisturiser, but also to the Evanescence song “Bring me to Life”, which has that line in the refrain. In case you were wondering about this fabulous yarn artist who likes Supernatural, her name is Rue and you can find her on Etsy, like I did initially beautiful art yarns and designs I would like to point out that I am not affiliated with anyone, it’s against my beliefs, I just give credit where I feel it’s most due.
Bye for now!


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