Nittaz 4 Life


Plans for today got rained out, so I went to craft club. I would like to point out that this occurs in the hall of the Community Church in town, but I consider myself spiritual rather than religious.
I got quite a strange look getting on the bus with my ballet pumps, crinkle dress, and puffy coat on, and carrying my knitting. I don’t care, I like to mix it up a lil. The title is a reference to a N.W.A song by the way, which I’m far too white to say; just substitute the Ts for Gs, though.

Anyway, back to the knitting! This is a kit from the 70s that I bought on eBay shortly after I started knitting. I unearthed it again today after over a year in hibernation, and have worked just over 1 inch of the 2 and a half for the bottom ribbing at the back. My gauge has tightened up a little since I started, and that’s good because I hadn’t known about the import of it until I made a bag because it simply would not fit on my head as intended.


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