Mameshiba sounds good to me!

Well, it’s been a fun few days again! I have made a cute HP-inspired stuff sock, got a bit of reading done, made bookmarks for the local book exchange, got glitter everywhere, and made a cute little plush I love.

On my Needles Striped Top

Bought off ebay as a complete kit (minus needles) shortly after I started knitting, this is a vintage design that I fear the lovely yarn of, Robin Sundance dk, has been discontinued. The pattern calls for 2 and a half inches of ribbing at the base, but I’ve trimmed an inch off that. There’s 2 reasons for that; firstly I dislike big bands of ribbing at the base of anything, secondly I got bored.
So I’m into the stockinette of the main body. I know that my garment will be an inch shorter, I’m also not that long in the body and so it’ll suit better. If I do keep it.
On my Hook baby Mameshiba
Having got to grips with magic circle crochet and made David the Mameshiba above, I’m making a smaller one to keep him company. I may then make another full-size in reverse colouring, I’m not sure yet.
Totally Tubular
I love my tube socks pattern, but cannot really wear acrylic. So I’m making some with RICO Creative Cotton Aran, in orange. The slightly greater thickness of the yarn is so far compensating for the lower elasticity, and I have 2 balls so unlikely to run out.
Angelfish This Lionbrand pattern seems a little weirdly written to me, which is causing slow progress. Expect a learn-along when I make it again, as I’m sure I can write it out without going cross-eyed.

On my Mind
Isn’t my Mameshiba cuuuuute? The wonderful LisaJedi made this pattern, and *gaspgasp* let me have a copy! Clicky the link to learn about that, or just generally about what makes her cool.
My Mameshiba is called David, as in Tennant, and is unfortunately a poor photo. It was my first time painting onto yarn, and I was trying to capture some of the naughty winkyness of his namesake. Here is my visual aid for that

I would like to point out that I am rather in awe of Mr McDonald, as he’s also known, to the point where I had to stop myself from telling someone to shout happy birthday through his letterbox when she told me that she lives in his road on the 18th of April. See, I know too much! I’m genuinely embarrassed, and must never speak to the man even indirectly because of it.
Ohh yess, almost forgot. David the Mameshiba will require an adopted son, a wife, and a daughter, which I know is weird. The male Mameshiba will both be in the brown with yellow ears, and the female in yellow with brown ears. It just makes sense to me, and goes beyond my having had those colours out at the time.


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