McDonald Mareshiba

Sooo, I’ve done all my Mameshiba with over a day to go. I have a cute little family of 4, all from different Mameshiba patterns and using different methods. Lets test your own nerdyness by seeing whether you get why I chose the names.

First came David, the big winker. His featured were painted on with Cosmic Shimmer watercolour block. He is meant to be poking his tongue out in a saucy way, too, but I don’t think I captured that. Say if you need a better photo there.


Then came Tyler, because it made sense to me to make the male ones both brown. I have not tried to make the Mameshiba realistic, I simply don’t got the skills. They are also randomly came out a very similar size.


And that’s mum Georgia, and daughter Olive. I did manage to make Georgia larger, though she is ironically a bit bigger than her husband. Only thing vaguely realistic there is the blue eyes.
In other news, my lymph oedema kept me housebound and limping today. I didn’t care, I was too giddy with the joy of creating. I wonder if I can make a Hufflepuff ball in the few hours I have left. Too lymphatic to sleep, might as well carry on crocheting.
In my excitement, I forgot to add the photo editing part of the post. Sorry if that confused you! I am trying some new software, and Lovin the ability to add speech and thought bubbles. Here is the Build-a-Bear red fox, giving my friend ideas

I may need to try all the free photo software, cos I’m nosey like that. If you want to make a cape, by the way, cast on a multiple of 10, knit rows until it covers your chosen softie’s back when turned sideways. Use the tails for tying.


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