You may have noticed I like books…

Hi, me again! Gawd, I’ve been quiet for 15 days. I hold my current crafting obsession entirely accountable there. Here comes a gorge image of that, as created by Jet Amago

I got majorly annoyed especially that the beautiful dragon on my cover, which I consider to be the best bit, doesn’t show up in any way. I loathe ebooks, but love a good paperback, so I will be relaunching this one tweaked as well as I can.
I see it as a collaboration between 7 artists, each reading it to get it as good as possible. I naturally include myself there, as I wrote the thing. I have approached 3 people thus far, one of whom is reading and drawing. So the final place will be filled by Smashwords for publication, which leads *counts* 2 slots untaken.
I know whom I’ve still got to contact, but am dragging my feet due to shyness. If you see that pic and think “ooh, that looks like a good read!” please post a reply here to be e-mailed a copy.


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