Art, Ravelry-style

You may have noticed that I develop fangirl obsessions on a few things, and one of them is Ravelry. I love making Ravatars, though never stick with one for long because I most like candid photography. So the lovely Davina suggested that I take one photo a day of whatever I’m most enjoying on my tablet, crop it lightly, and use the ones which work well as Ravatars. I will show the successful ones in my Ravelry profile, and post each one here.

So today is day one, and here comes my pic

Doctor Who, New, Season 2 Episode 14, Doomsday. I just clicked to take a screenshot at a “good” bit. Such a sad episode, he doesn’t get to say he loves Rose *sobsob*

City of Bones, by Cassandra Clare. Not read it before, but it was on my “you’ll probably get a lil addicted” list. Got to page 20, and it’s so far living up to that.
Does not work as a Ravatar, though, which means I can stick with The Doctor today. I swear I didn’t take a bad pic for that reason!

An Art Deco pic that I did. Currently awaiting a suitable mount. Don’t be smutty!

Ok, I was a lil obsessed with this game before I ever tried the books. It was what actually made me give them a go, and I luuuurve ’em.

Extract. Had never heard of that film before, and it’s barely holding my interest now

The Diamond Throne by David Eddings, my current handbag book. Only ones from the stack that I’m keeping forever will get read there, as I want to know I have something sensational all the way through when only carrying one. I cheated a little here, I dog-eared this page for photographing because Kalten’s “I want a sword, not a knitting needle” smacked of the passive/aggressive debate to me. I knit, and my words are my most offensive weapons.


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