Year of the Dog

I am currently more obsessed than usual with the Chinese zodiac. If you don’t know which animal you are there, here’s one of the prettier charts:

Without giving away your birth year, feel free to tell me which animal you are in reply to this post. I am a water dog, and know pretty much every possible joke about that. So it’s not really worth your effort to think of one
The highly compatible signs there are tiger, horse, and pig. By the way, I am not aware of having a drop of Asiatic blood; I just like this “sorting system” best.
Anyway, of the people whom I’ve best known with that “high compatibility”, there was a wood tiger prone to fits of jealous rage. Didn’t get on with him very well! A wood horse who I renewed a strong friendship with that lasted until his (fairly recent) death. And a water pig, who totally lives up to both of those!
My favourite people are a rat and monkey, who are in the “harmonious” area. I had a row with the wood rat earlier today, though these are rare. The metal monkey is my best friend, and that is also our shared taste in music.


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