Only bamboo will doo

I thought that I would carry on yesterday’s shawl theme today. I am working bigger on the inside as part of a Doctor Who craft-along that I set up on Ravelry. I have not had much luck with lace before, and got rather annoyed when I had to frog this one several times.
Even on this working, I’ve made a compensating error which I hope will save it from another frog. There are two things that may have been causing extra trouble here:

1) I’m using old donated cotton, not the lovely new wool specified in the pattern
2) I started using an unknown plastic circ

When your knitting drags on your needle so much that the surface begins to actually disintegrate, a different one may be in order. Switching to bamboo made a vast improvement to my gauge. Look at the photographic evidence

It just kinda sits there limply on the plastic, with no stitch definition whatsoever

And now I see lace!

So you see, I will reach for my bamboo needle and hooks every time; as I simply achieve better results. Every knitter has a particular needle type that they do best with, and mine is the bamboo dpn. When I need to use something longer or the tension doesn’t fit there, I will then use a circ (as pictured).
Due to my strange hearing (an aspect of Asperger’s), I can actually hear the needle rub against the yarn; and so know that plastic provides the highest level of friction. Due to my oedema, a cold material against my skin is actually painful. So I’m least likely to be able to knit with the most commonly available needles, the aluminium or plastic single-point


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