The Way you Were

I’ve been a bit down of late because… Well, let’s just say that I’m not proud of myself right now.

Anyway, I just stopped by to share a song that I wrote today. It’s quite Countrified, which is sadly typical of my style of late

The Way you Were
I remember. When we met
Long hot. summer
Soaked in sweat.
So we stripped off,
Had a lil fun.
Hot days
Cool nights
Soon, you were my only one

I just want you back
The way you were
When you were drunk
And lyin’ naked in my car

Cool days
Hot nights
24/7 fights
I couldn’t stay
Had to get away


Time passes by,
An’ ev’rythin’ changes
We gotta keep movin’ forward,
Find a brighter future

Sorry ’bout that black eye
And every single white lie
Not sorry that I loved you
With all of my heart

Lets go back
Stay friends, at least
Don’t wanna lose you, girl,
You’re the best of me

Time passes by,
And ev’rythin’ changes
We gotta keep,movin’ forward
Find a brighter future

Repeat chorus to fade


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