Like a Woman

Yeah, so I wrote another rough song. It’s loosely based on an Otis Lee Crenshaw one (that’s a Youtube video of it. Sorry, I don’t have Videopress)

Like A Woman

I got home again
Half past drunk
Found you got new locks
And threw out my old guitar

So I sat on the porch
Waiting for daylight,
Breathing in the salt air
And playing for you.

They say the guitar’s
Like a woman
The way it
Curves against you

Run your fingers up her neck,
Hear her singing for you.
Hold her in your arms,
Enraptured by those charms

Let me love you
Like a woman
Let me play your strings
Cos you’re my woman

Let me in,
(At least let me get my things)
I promise I care,
(And could do with clean underwear)

Let me love you


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