For my next trick, I will turn into a penguin

I thought that I would be able to write a nice cheerful post about something today, but that would involve feeling nice and cheerful. But one of my conditions (panhypopituisarism) is acting up, which basically means that I feel like I have severe PMT.
There is a major and crucial difference between feeling depressed and actually suffering from depression in any form, no matter how temporarily. If you feel depressed, it is a temporary low mood due to current circumstances and you’re perfectly capable of getting over it. But depression is created when the Brian’s ability to produce serotonin is seriously reduced.
There are things that can be done to help someone suffering from depression, and the easiest is listening to what they have to say. Telling them to cheer up has a negative impact, as it’s likely to create guilt that they can’t. Serotonin production is stimulated by happy circumstances, so someone feeling better just because you tell them to is just as likely as them turning into a penguin because you tell them that they are one.

Oh, and there’s also such a thing as negative motivation. For rather convoluted reasons, I live at home right now and it is any parent’s duty to treat their child as far younger at times while asking why they can’t be more mature at others.
The related stuff there is that my parents sometimes inspect my bedroom, and have threatened that I don’t get to do a thing that I don’t actually want to on Saturday if I don’t quit having piles of books on the surfaces. Yeah, they’ve been there a while because they are being sorted and are absolutely no harm to anyone. So I’m now less tempted to sort them because I am 30 rather than 3, so staying home and practising my guitar is more of a treat than going out with my parents


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