On a Wish, a Kiss, and a Prayer


So, I’m continuing to work Bigger on the Inside, which is my first extensive lacework. There’s the completed vortex lace section, which I’ve just now (hopefully) picked up and started knitting the 311 stitches for the TARDIS. I say hopefully because I am supremely bad at math, so kept miscounting.
Anyway, I am using my special and possibly unique prayer method while knitting this. It’s hard to cross your fingers for good things to come to someone and knit at the same time, so I cross my needles instead.
I pick a pattern or yarn that’s related to the person, and think a certain word with each word; in this case “please” – which is the wish part. This pattern is one that my friend Vera put me on to because she has the yarn ready to go on her own. So I, still in my head because God is within, had a small prayer with each completed row. And the kiss? Each little lacy area looks like a kiss to me, so she has tons of those.

In case you were wondering, I did clear the dangerous piles of books


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