Sew Cute


Today, I finished a sewing project. That should come as earth-shattering news to those that know me well. I have very little confidence with sewing, which rather puts me off, but I fell in love with the little drawstring tea infuser that my friend sent me and it took very little nudging from her for me to try making my own from an old (and unwearable by anyone who actually has breasts) dress. An you guess which if the two is mine? I’ll give you a clue, it’s the ones that ones yarn for the drawstring. The ducky is my other much-used infuser, which always lifts my heart.

So anyway, it’s really not hard to make a little bag. Just fold a rectangle in half right side in, sew the bottom and one side, fold the top down, sew around there. I got the string in by threading it on a needle and working it through. I had to hold one end, and pull through and then back every now and again. I will be making more of these to improve my skill, because hey I have quite a bit of fabric now.

A Note on Fabric Anything cotton-based and open enough that you can see a hand underneath when held to the light should work.


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