Back from Camp

And so today I found out what you get if you win Camp NaNoWriMo. This fetching certificate

and some savings offers. I will be participating in the next, as it really gives a boost to the process. I will probably edit the existing novel then, and self-publish it again


5 thoughts on “Back from Camp

    • I hadn’t heard of it until a friend told me about it, but it’s great. It looks like the next will be in November, so be sure to join BEFORE the first. Wanna talk abut you idea?

      • I already registered – I do it every year. My idea came from something that happened on our anniversary – we were caught in a flash flood in a cabin. The whole thing was full of “what ifs”. It’s perfect for me (I lean towards fiction/horror). Not horror like monsters but horror like drowning.
        I keep going around it in my head, trying to not get on the computer and start writing šŸ˜‰

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