Darned socksy


You may remember when I was trying to knit my first pair of socks, and having great trouble. Well, that above is the second attempt, completed yesterday. I took a big break from it, and it would have taken no more than a week working at them exclusively.
So what was the problem? First, I was deliriously ill. Second, I had no idea that my typically sloppy gauge would be tighter in the round.
How am I celebrating? Making two more pairs of socks. One is a toe up for my mum and… You’ll hear more about the others very soon.
Because I have naturally short and wide feet that are easily irritated y my oedema and I get feverish from prolonged contact with acrylic, I have never had a well-fitting pair of socks before. They’re just on the snug side now, but are growing with blocking.

In case you were wondering, the yarn is Zitron Trekking XXL in shade 1002. This shade seems to have been discontinued, but 482 isn’t far off


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