24-Hour Knitting Challenge

I recently taught my friend Steve to knit in a bid to help him keep calm so he wouldn’t tae up smoking again. Anyway, he’s full of questions. One of them is how much knitting I could get done in 24 hours.
I won’t be knitting for 24 hours solid as, no matter how tempted I am, life goes on. So I’ll take a photo of the piece every now and again, and use a timer for each bout of knitting. If I change projects, there’ll be a new photo.

That’s the TARDIS lace section of my bigger on the inside, row 14 at approximately the middle

Aaaaand GO!

With the counter at 22:52:42, I have finished that row and knitted two more. Each row is 311 stitches, and the lack of practise with intarsia makes it go slow. Also, this is how much knitting time I eeked out of a whole day!

At this point of the countdown, all ends are woven in and I’m ready to start a new project. I’ll post a pic of my FO (finished object) when I get some wool wash and block it (first time doing lace).
I will now attempt to make a crocodile stitch shawl. No pic to start with, as I haven’t even selected hook size yet.
And now the 24 hours are up. I took the first shawl from a tangled mass of cotton, to this

learned crocodile stitch, and did this much

of a worsted weight shawl using that.


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