The Science of Stuffing

If you’ve ever wondered how much to fill your amigurumi, there’s a simple test. If you gently poke it in and it doesn’t flatten, there’s plenty. If it resembles a ragdoll, don’t close yet.
I mention this because I goofed that one recently. My defence? I’m ill, meh.
Observe this adorable Loki:

Don’t you just want to squish him and plan all sorts of mischief. Mine totally looks like that:

I wanted to complete it for a contest, and also on a Saturday because that’s Loki’sday. I sensibly decided to bow out of the contest, and use my hook for closing hexipuffs until better.

Oh, and so you don’t hunt me down, here is the pattern. You can also make Thor. Just remember to stuff them plenty all over until the stop looking floppy, and pinch out a little if the stitches start to stretch.


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