For one day only

Today, you can get my ebook the book of seven for free. If you do get it, please leave a review, and please tell me if you like it. I started writing this when I was eighteen, after I was amused that an episode of Buffy had a vampire called Sunday in it. It isn’t fanfic, but there are a few references in there. It took me a little while to get it in this form because firstly I had a very discouraging writing course tutor (the woman wrote maths books, and was released from the job after a number of complaints) who made me lose heart for many years. Then I went with the ebook distributor Bookbyte Digital, whom felt that I should pay them for putting errors into my work. After getting suitably angry about that, I chose a nom de plume (that tickles me, it sounds like you’re eating a feather), and launched it myself. I am, as of today, thirty-one, so it has taken quite some time.


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