If you can’t be bothered writing clear instructions…

…then I can’t be bothered making these socks! I have been busting my hump on the Chancery socks, but it just got to the point where I saw red.

Spare me the deconstruction of a character whom I know intimately, and tell me why just that section of the lace chart is highlighted. And when will the heel start looking like the pic? Because mine sure doesn’t! I flung my work down in disgust, and decided to frog.
I rarely frog, and this is literally the second time where I have done so with no intention of making that design ever again. The only other time was when I couldn’t yet ssk, and couldn’t work out how to. And now that I know how to, I would happily try that pattern again (if it hadn’t mysteriously been pulled from the site), but I’ve had nothing but trouble with this one.
I firmly believe that this is a work of evil that, like the court itself, will give you nothing but misery. To check that I’m not being biased, I will just have a look on Ravelry whether anyone has successfully made this. Apart from the sample (which doesn’t count, as you know shortcuts in your pattern that you may not have written up), the only project is pretty much at the cast-on stage. So I will assume that this is evil, and implore you not to try it.
I’d had a use planned for the yarn leftover from the socks, and so I frogged safe in the knowledge that it would not languish for months. I am chaining for the forget-me-not collar as I write this (having just got gauge) and will either make it all charcoal, or go with my original plan to make the ruffles in leftovers. It depends on how sick of charcoal I am at that point. Since the pattern calls for 150g of sock yarn and I have 200, I’m highly unlikely to run out either way


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