Attack of the Ruffles

Me again. Sorry I haven’t been about, I have a sick net from my Doctor. Note the capitalisation there, the only doctor whom I trust is an alien. And with good reason; according to human medical professionals, I should’ve died four times already.
I finished the first of three planned projects for Nerd Wars, forget-me-not

I dragged my heels somewhat on submitting, so once again used a soft toy as a model. Suits him, don’t it?
The odd thing is that I’m sure I bought 200g of yarn, and I worked a little looser than tension, and the pattern calls for approximately 150g and urges you to buy an extra ball just in case. And yet, upon weighing the remainder, it showed that I had 160g left. Weird!
I am currently making a second collar with the remainder. I’m working the base layer with an extra increase row, and will keep going with the charcoal until I reach the last possible solid dc row. And then I’ll make the ruffles using one colour per row of Colinette Jitterbug, which I bough two creative packs of recently.

I am also in the process of finishing a blanket for my mum, which I’ll hopefully get done in time and work out how to do a crocodile stitch border on. If not, I’m bound to finish it next round.
I’d been hoping for some red or orange yarn in my packs, as we’re honouring hug-a-ginger day for team unity, but this is what I got in one pack:

The only colour other than blue or green in the whole thing was one hank of pink, which is my least favourite colour.


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