Claire’s Adventures in Ruffleland

I got bored working the base layer on my second forget-me-not, so started adding the colours for the ruffles.

The original pattern uses 17 rows, one of them expanding from the neck and half of them dc with gaps to provide easy ruffle attachment. See my last post for the first collar, which was worked true to this. This time, I’m using the remaining yarn from that for the base and working that until I run out, and have done a second expansion row for more capelike proportions. On last count, there was to be 15 ruffles and I still have quite a bit of the yarn left. This was hopefully going to be completed for this round of nerd wars, but I somehow doubt that now.
I got fed up with my flesh plug being concealed, so am trying a new hairstyle today. What do you think?

Those are a couple of the Art Deco pictures that I make behind me. I have class today, where I will hopefully receive my mounted Taj Mahal. My current picture is a festive lady, and I hope to fit in a Christmas tree for my friend after that.

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