I am in love with this pattern


So I finished that version of http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/forget-me-not-9 (the neat link text is failing at the mo, sorry) on the 27th, a day before round 2 of Nerd Wars closed.
I proper love it, it is surprisingly warm. I was excited to get the yarn and ribbon to make a second in that size, all red, for my mum. I asked if she wanted the top and bottom ruffle white to make it festive since it’s Christmas red, but she vetoed that. FYI, you know I’m serious if I volunteer to do anything white, as that’s my least fave colour due to having trouble seeing others against it. Anyway, I’ve only worked any pattern a maximum of twice (blanket squares don’t count), and typically with a bit of reluctance the third time, but it makes my heart wiggle with joy to be making this a third time in a row.
I want to get a load of black and find a way of making a hooded cloak based on this, I love it so much. I also want to make versions in every single colour, to wear with everything. Have you ever felt this way about a pattern? Answers below, please

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