Acrylic? Achoooo!

Me again, I know it’s been a while.  You could probably hear the bouncing of yarn from your corner of the globe, and couldn’t have missed the huge amounts of sneezing.  Of all the allergies and intolerances that I have, not being able to use acrylic without coming over all hayfeverish is perhaps the most galling.  I have accumulated a lot of it over the roughly 3 years that I’ve been yarncrafting, and first became aware that it was a problem when I made myself a shawl that I felt feverish as soon as I put on.  I then switched to a thicker wool wrap, and the pain was gone!

So I have been trying to use this yarn up recently, but when I was sneezing my head off while making granny squares for a challenge (89 in as many days, and made it), I decided that I had had it.  So I am finishing my WIPs that use it, and have so far amassed 1 small shopping trolley, 1 suitcase, 1 tote, and a carrier bag full of allergen-inducing acrylic for my knittens.  I suspect that I have the odd bit tucked away still and I’m still using some, but the bulk of it will have left the building soon.  And so the largesse of my stash is in three matching tote bags: one for mercerized acrylic and blends that I can use painlessly for short amounts of time but will not purchase/accept again, one for cotton and similar, one for wool and similar.

The latter two bags were swelled last month by an order to, which I will be doing more of in future.  With no LYS or anywhere else that sells anything other than acrylic here, their distribution centre is the quickest that I can get yarn near me.  Within a week of the first order, one of my crochet hooks broke and a coupon code on my invoice made that free and allowed me to order yarn to start on, which I had intended as a reward for sorting the acrylic out.

Apart from availability, one reason why I relied heavily on acrylic was its cheapness.  I’ve worked out that I have no problem with a 50% acrylic blend and enjoy being able to fit all of my stash into a relatively small space (yarn, kits, felting and dyeing supplies, tools, and stuffing all fitting into a cupboard no wider than a single bed and about half as deep), and so I will plan ahead and order yarn accordingly in future.


Have you ever put up with an allergy for the sake of a project?  Let me know below

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