Three Good Things

It’s been a long-standing habit of mine to do three positive things on days when I feel ill, and that has become every day lately.  I thought I would explain the system, and share what my things for yesterday and today were.

There’s no rule as to what counts, though I feel that it must be something that’s a struggle and so I might have avoided otherwise.  On a day when my lungs felt like fire and breathing was a task in itself, getting up made it on my list so that I didn’t simply stay in bed.  Yesterday was easier than that, but not by far, so went like this:

Get Bus in and back
I was going to Canterbury Umbrella Centre for art group, as I do every Tuesday that I don’t risk passing on something infectious.  I’d seriously thought about not going, but finishing the blanket which I made for one of the organisers the day before swung it in the end.  The next debate was whether to stand at a wind-whipped and rain-soaked bus stop, made even harder on the way back because I’d then suffered a series of combined epileptic seizure and pituitary spasm.  So it felt like an accomplishment, and was therefore treated as such.
Attempt to do art
It was only an attempt because of the above-mentioned problem, but since it was a real effort just to go sit at the table…
Sittin’ with my Knittin’
Knitting is usually therapeutic, but not when you keep dropping stitches and can’t remember how to change colour.  The movement is the same as the exercises for lymphoedema and osteoarthritis and the softness of the yarn was a bit soothing, so this was necessary

Less clear-cut.  I can’t count having rested, for example, because I did far less of that than I was meant to.

Wound and organised yarn, and tidied craft table
I think that only counts as one item, because it all works together.  But I’m going to ‘cheat’ and count it separately, which gives me my three.
I wound off two cones of yarn, which are being saved as base materials for an art project.  I’ve now gathered 15 of an estimated 20 required to allow the whole art group to participate.  I hate waste, and so was glad to see on scouring the web that the cones can be decorated as Christmas trees or dolls.
I’d been letting the colours I’ve used in a skirt scatter on the floor by the bookcase, so it was high time I put the 20-odd skeins away.  They can’t go far, as I’ll need to repeat some at least because I don’t have as many natural tones as bright and are striping the two types.  I also have two more skirts to make the same way, so the skeins are now in a bulging tote bag
I can now see roughly what’s on the table, instead of a jungle of yarn

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